Most people have a hard time

to understand God's Word. They think it is a book that can't really be well understood. It is a book however that has many layers of wisdom that can only be understood with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

On this page we aim to make you aware of the multiple interpretations that are known to us: it's helpful to consider that each passage in the Bible can be interpreted in three main ways, as highlighted by Dr. M.R. DeHaan in the introduction to ‘Daniel the Prophet’:

  1. Primary Interpretation: This is the foundational meaning of the Scripture.
  2. Practical Applications: These are the diverse ways the Scripture can be applied in our daily lives.
  3. Prophetic Revelation: Many passages also offer insights into future events and prophecies.

Approaching the Bible solely through its Primary Interpretation can lead to a rigid orthodoxy, lacking in vitality and warmth. Conversely, focusing only on Practical Applications might result in losing sight of the Scripture's true intent, though it can be beneficial in day-to-day life. Similarly, exclusively concentrating on Prophetic Revelation can narrow our understanding, leading to a dogmatic view that may be doctrinally sound yet lacking in practical effectiveness and warmth in personal experience, rendering it less helpful to others.

In our study, we aim to balance these three interpretive layers, deepening our understanding and application of God's Word.

On our journey we will encounter new paths that have long been hidden in the Bible, but we rarely hear in church. These hidden themes will make up the majority of our site as to paint a much more complete and comprehensive picture of the Word of God.