As We Reflect on Our Lives,

it's essential to ask ourselves: what have we truly contributed to the world we live in? Consider the basics – did we play a part in creating the world? The skies above, the animals around us, or even our own ability to think – were these our doing? What about our physical bodies – our legs, our arms – did we craft these ourselves?

Even when we look at man-made creations, can we genuinely take credit for them? Aren't these achievements the work of others, individuals created in God’s image, using their God-given talents and abilities? Think about the structure of the country you live in. Did you single-handedly build its foundations?

It’s vital to acknowledge our Creator in everything. Recognizing our limitations helps us understand that our Creator is far greater than we can imagine. He deserves all the credit.


It’s vital to acknowledge our Creator in everything.


We even are not able to make ourselves perfect in His sight. We have to acknowledge that we cannot cleanse ourselves from our sins. We need to accept His blood shedding offer on the Cross to become acceptable for Him.

Pride, in contrast, is a form of ungodliness. It means claiming for ourselves the honor that belongs to God. It’s a failure to give God the recognition As a result we stay defiled and unable to meet Him in person.

He deserves for everything we are and have. This attitude leads us to exclude God from His own universe. At its roots are ideologies like humanism and evolution theory, which ignore God’s role in creation.

God designed the world in perfect harmony. When we sin, we disrupt this balance. Therefore, there’s no room for ideologies and attitudes that are based on rebellion and sin in God’s Kingdom. Jesus seeks individuals who recognize Him and are willing to follow His guidance, both in their personal lives and collectively as a community.

This reflection invites us to consider our place in God’s Kingdom. Are we acknowledging our Creator in all aspects of our lives? Are we living in a way that honors His creation and follows His teachings? Let us strive to be individuals who recognize and celebrate the role of our Creator in everything.