God’s Love Is Like a Gentle River,

flowing freely and without force. This love doesn't push or demand; it simply is, offering us the precious gift of choice. In this divine love, we find an open invitation. But God respects our decisions. If we choose a different path, He accepts it without forcing His way. His love creates a space for freedom, which brings with it responsibility.

If we decide to go our own way, God gently asks, "Where are you?" It's not a command but an invitation to join Him. Think of a father, heartbroken, asking this question at his child's grave. This echoes Adam and Eve's story in the Bible. When they hid from God, He wasn't angry but deeply saddened, asking the same question. Adam and Eve's story in Genesis 3 shows us their fear and blame. When God asked them about their actions, Adam blamed Eve: "I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid" (Genesis 3:10), and Eve blamed the serpent: "The serpent deceived me, and I ate" (Genesis 3:13). This is often how we react too — either scared or defensive.

But God didn't react with anger or demands. He showed patience and love, even when they blamed Him. Despite their mistakes, God still cared for them, providing clothes for them, which required a blood sacrifice. This points to Jesus's blood sacrifice, which offers us freedom from our mistakes and a chance to reconnect with God's love.


Through Jesus's blood sacrifice we have a chance to reconnect with God's love.


God's love is patient and open. If we accept Jesus’s blood sacrifice, it's not about punishment but a promise to always be there for us. His love is constant, even when we don't feel sure about it. The Bible shows this love on every page. It's a love that lets us talk openly about our worries and doubts. Through everything, God is there, listening and caring. However, if we don’t accept Jesus’s blood sacrifice, we are still under the curse of decay.

As you read your Bible, you'll see this unending love. It's a love that surprises, lasts, and invites us into its warmth. This journey through the Bible is a journey into God's heart, showing us His endless love eventually granting you access to His Kingdom, which He will rule out on this earth.